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2021 Home Design Trends

KNOW WHAT PEOPLE WANT IN 2021...? Read below

Those who want to sell know what they want but those selling, investing, or renovating to rent want to know what's in trend and what are people looking after in 2021.

Neutral colors have been in trend for a while and people are craving for color. However, you don't want to go crazy with it. We are going to see a lot of grey or white with a pop of color in accents (backsplash, an accent wall, a door, or a sink for example) and tones like orange and yellow are definitely on the list of most trendy.

On the other hand, many people won't be going back to the office lifestyle, at least not on a regular basis so, a home office is still on top of the list of most desired things along with outdoor space and in some areas, a private pool. So, updating that backyard, patio or even a balcony might be a good way to attract buyers or renters willing to pay a bit more.

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