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Cash Tips!!


Where's the money in your property hiding?

Sure, you probably can sell your property or flip easily in this market but... to get top dollar you need to know where the money hides.

You may have already heard that the kitchen and master bathroom are two of the places where you'll see more return on your investment. However, depending on the size of the home your half/guest bath may give something extra for a minimal investment. Remember to keep it neutral and when in doubt, go with light greys and whites.

NOW... YOU MAY NOT KNOW 💰 that outdoor space (aka. patios and backyards🌴) are giving a nice return these days as well. The situation last year created an increase in private pool demand and bigger backyards. So investing in a finished outdoor space where your buyer can see themselves could pay off (especially if the buyer is a snowbird from up north).

Lastly, curb appeal. You can't control what your neighbor does and if you live in a community with a good HOA, this might not even be a worry. But the truth is that how the community is kept, how the houses in your street look, and how yours looks will create a big impression on the buyers. Maybe, it's time to repaint and add some touches in cool light tones that will make your home pop and look bigger and newer than the rest!

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Karina Escobar | Realtor & Flipper



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