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In a crazy market like this one...HOW DO YOU PRICE YOUR HOME?

Well... the first thing would be to get a realtor who really knows what they're doing. However, you should know and understand the process.

Market conditions will tell us a lot about the price. Right now, average home pricing in Orlando has gone up 12% in one year. Depending on where your house is, the local market could be higher or lower than that average.

Property conditions influence price in a big way. I'm a flipper too so I know. Square footage isn't everything and style, materials and overall state do a lot.

Location, location, location... you may have an amazing home but if it's not a desirable area or has no good schools and stores close by, pricing may not be what you think.

Let your realtor do a comparative analysis with a similar home in your area to decide the range you should put your house for sale.

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