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SELLING YOUR HOME FOR TOP DOLLAR is about more than a cute sign and cookies in the oven.

Here is my list:

- Make sure the house is furnished and painted with neutral tones if possible.

- Invest in your master bathroom and kitchen. Sometimes a new countertop, repainting the cabinets or a fresh backsplash can make a huge difference.

- Make sure it's clean and organized for showings

- Yes! bake some cookies and put on a fresh neutral scent like cotton or fresh linen in the rooms

- Make sure your realtor knows what was renovated recently and any improvements you made to the property

- Leave the driveway clear for visitors to park and enter as if they already lived there.

- Decadent touches like nice flower centerpieces will always make it feel nicer.

- Make sure you don't have naked light bulbs or standard mirrors in the bathrooms (you'd be surprised how some @Ikea lamps and @homegoods mirrors can do for your home).

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Karina Escobar | Realtor & Flipper



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