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I'm not a wholesaler but I know several in the industry and I know that for flippers, it can be a valuable relationship.

If you are buying from a wholesaler to fix and flip, here are some tips for you.

1 - Get your finances ready. Wholesalers like quick closings and don't want complications which is why they tend to favor cash deals over financing. Whichever your case is, make sure they easy an easy closing on the horizon from the start.

2 - Be realistic about repair costs. So many people go by what the wholesaler tells them repairs will cost and often times get burnt and need more. Maybe take a general contractor with you or a third party to evaluate when you check out the property.

3 - Prepare for distress. Most wholesale properties are in distress and oftentimes, you'll only keep the bones of the house. Be prepared to see some really damaged houses with great potential if you have the cash for it.

4 - Build a relationship with the wholesaler. If you are going to do this as a serious business, you want to become their go-to person when good opportunities pop up.

AND LASTLY... when you are ready to sell that property to someone else or rent it out, call me!

+1 407-666-8211 Karina Escobar



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